SEO Results Case Study for CJ Podiatry

Carmen from CJ Podiatry got in contact with me to find out how I could help her website. At first, she was unsure what she needed or who could help.

I met with Carmen and we discussed what she had as an online presence.

The initial problem was that she had a website designed and all ready to go, but it was not bringing in any customers to her business. In that situation, you have a few options: Paid advertising through Google AdWords and social media etc, or increasing the amount of people coming to her site naturally through Google with Search engine optimisation (SEO).

Carmen told me that her site was not showing up when you searched for her brand name, or any related phrases to what services her business offers. This was what she wanted to change and Search Engine Optimisation was required to get those results.

Audit and Implementation

Since there was a website already built, I always work through a website audit first in order to find out where the site is at currently, work out any issues and put together a list of what needs fixing.

Think of it like a Vehicle pre-inspection, you get a mechanic to jump in and check its condition. Does it need repairs? Are there any underlying problems you can’t see? Is it safe to drive while being fast and reliable?

Once I had completed the audit, we went through the list of recommendations/issues and Carmen was happy for me to begin implementing the changes.

On-going results:

We are still working through a few things and I expect this to continue growing. The website initially was getting no traffic, it had zero visits or bookings before the work was done.

There was some early success with carmen getting one client in the first week of me working on the site. Just recently near the end of the second month, Carmen told me she had 14 new customers through the site!!!

SEO takes time, and it can take around 6 months to a year before getting any major rankings in Google but this is a really great start and an example of the power that good SEO can bring to a website and business.

Rankings in Google:

These are still on-going and I expect more high search volume keywords to jump up to the front page one we finish off some more work.


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