Affiliate SEO Results

Affiliate marketing is a very interesting and highly profitable (if done correctly) model of passively making money. Essentially how it works is you create a website – usually based around reviewing products or services, and you promote other peoples products.

The way that you make money from affiliate marketing is by referring traffic to the product or service you are promoting/reviewing (affiliated with), and earn commissions from anyone who makes a purchase.

Although the concept of affiliate marketing seems relatively simple, it can often turn out to be a lot more difficult than expected.


Affiliate Marketing – Not As Easy As It Looks!

Finding the right products to review, driving relevant traffic to your reviews, and keeping up with your competitors is what a lot of people tend to struggle with. Along with being impatient and full of self-doubt when things are not working for the first few months! Or longer…

A large majority of affiliate marketing relies heavily on Google, because that is often the first place buyers turn to when they need or want something.

If you can get to the top of Google for specific search phrases, with quality search engine optimisation, you basically end up with an endless supply of relevant buyers. These buyers come to your site with their wallets out and credit cards in hand just looking for the right info, and to be sent in the right direction for the best products.

Ranking at the top of Google for a large amount of these keywords can bring in a lot of money. That is exactly what we are well on our way towards doing with this project!

Les Byrski Enters the Affiliate World

Les got in contact with Hyperweb Solutions after previous results with his Auckland Photography business, this time with a new project. He had heard about affiliate marketing and decided to give it a go as something to express his creativity and writing skills.

Les wasn’t sure if he could do affiliate marketing due to being in such a small country like New Zealand, but after showing him that he could target a world-wide audience, he started to see dollar signs!

Part of affiliate marketing is being able to write compelling and interesting articles that keep readers interested. Les definitely had that part covered, however there was a major component that was missing.

Although Les could write amazing articles, he didn’t know much about SEO aside from that it helped to get businesses found in Google.  That is where Hyperweb Solutions comes in!

From Commission Zero to Affiliate Hero:

Working with Les on this project, I made him aware that it was going to take patience and time to generate results from a brand new website.

We began in August 2017 and worked consistently towards generating results. By the beginning of 2018 we had seen a large amount of growth and the site was earning consistent monthly comissions. Due to privacy and competition I am unable to disclose the site we worked on, but see some of the results below:


If you are interested in boosting your affiliate site or starting one, get in contact with Hyperweb Solutions today to find out how I can help you improve your rankings in Google.


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