It’s not “what you know”…

This is just a quick update in regards to my progress setting up my business. I have started an experiment involving documenting the process of creating my web design/SEO business. You can read the first post here to get a better idea of what it is about.

Obviously, a big part of what I do comes down to what knowledge and skills I can provide to my clients. But what I am talking about is actually finding the work. Often times,  when being self-employed it is about good old hustling – which I will get to in a minute, But a lot of it comes down to who you know.

In my opinion, networking is a big part of being successful. I am not an overly extroverted person, but I am more than confident enough to get out and start networking – be it in-person, or online. I have really began to see the potential and power of this recently, and will continue to push and build my network.

It isn’t all about getting work either. I found that upon doing this, it also provides more opportunities to learn, or even pass work on to someone else if you don’t necessarily have that particular skill set.

You may even provide more value to your customers in doing so as well. For example, as a web designer, knowing a few good photographers or expert graphics designers can actually help your customers since they don’t need to stress about finding them.

I have also recently been invited to a couple of networking groups, and have met some great people over the past few months which I think will become a big part in finding more work, as well as learning and growing.

Now to the hustling

I have used this trick quite a bit for both my teaching business, and now this one too. I know just how powerful Facebook and social media can be so I decided to put it to good use. The best part is that this type of marketing is free.

Facebook Group Posting

I may go into detail more about this in another post, but it is essentially using Local Facebook Groups as a way to promote my business.

  • Is this frowned upon? Sometimes.
  • Is it spammy? No, not if you do it right.
  • Does it work? Absolutely!

I joined a range of local groups on Facebook and created a pretty detailed post about me and the services I offer. Once accepted into the groups, I would post to them on a rotating basis.

This has led to me gaining a range of new meetings and client work!

Although this doesn’t often convert the best, since it is not targeted enough and they are cold traffic. It still really does work.

One thing to keep in mind though is to not go over-board and spam them, That will end up getting you kicked out of the group!

My Website Progress

Website Progress

This has really been annoying me as I need to get cracking and finish it off. Regular good content is great for a website, plus I want to get it mostly completed so that it is presentable enough to run some Facebook adverts.

I am tempted to run a few ads now, but I don’t want them looking around and getting the wrong impression if they miss the fact that having my site incomplete is deliberate.

I have began work on my services pages. I am structuring the content so that it is all based off of one service page that links out to the services that I offer. They will also be accessible from the drop-down menu, and interlink between each other where relevant.

This is a good set up from an SEO perspective since all of the authoritative pages (once they get that way) will pass authority throughout the other services.

Social Sharing and Newsletters

These are an important part of a website and I have finally implemented them. You will see a subscription box below this post and can be notified about updates that I make and some helpful tips, news and info that I will be putting out.

I aim to create some share-worthy and informative posts that will help create more relevance about the services I provide and also as a way to help my clients better understand what this whole web design, SEO, and social media thing is all about.


I think for now I will leave it at that for an update. It is 2:10 AM currently and I have another busy day/rest of the week to continue with tomorrow. I just wanted to get this out there since it has been too long since I last posted.

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