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Every day there are more and more people looking online for local businesses and services. The majority of those people turn to Google when they are in need of a product or local service.

With the large amount of distractions, lack of time, and short attention spans, most people tend to click on the top few search results that they see.

If you are nowhere near the top of Google, guess what happens?…

Your competitors steal your potential customers! – AND your money.

You don’t even get a chance to show how amazing you are.

Think about it, when was the last time you went to page two or three on Google?…

If that is where you are now (or worse), that’s a lot of business you are missing out on!

It’s not all bad. I just so happen to know a thing or two about getting websites and local businesses found in Google.

Target The Right Local Customers

One of the main benefits of organic web traffic from Google is that it is highly relevant and targeted. This means that it converts very well – providing that you offer the best, most relevant results for what customers are searching for.

Local SEO rankings give you the competitive edge and allow you to bring in consistent customers who want what you offer. Another benefit is that depending on the industry, you may not even need to do a lot of work in the sales process.

The user needs a product or service, they search for the best result. If they end up on your website and like what they see, it can be as simple as booking them in, signing the deal, or selling the product.

Local Maps and Google Organic Ranking SEO Specialist

There are two parts to local SEO, Google map listings (map-pack or three-pack) and organic search results which are the ten spots on each page of Google.

Hyperweb Solutions has developed proprietary systems and procedures to get you found in Google map listings in your city and location. Alongside these rankings you can also have your website appear in Google’s standard ten search results.

Local Business SEO Services

Ranking in Google requires real work from someone who actually know what they are doing. SEO is often sold as a simple ‘add-on’ or ‘feature’ when building a website, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Below are some of the local SEO services and strategies to help get your website ranked and brining in more customers.

Local Search Engine Optimisation

Get your business to appear in the top local search results for the things that your customers are looking for. Start driving relevant and targeted traffic to your business today with a local SEO campaign.

Content Scoring & Optimisation

Proprietary systems and processes to score and optimise the content on your website so that both your customers, and Google know what your site has to offer.

On-Page Optimisation

Not only does your website need to work properly for your customers, it also needs to work for Google! On-page optimisation helps to make sure that your site is up to scratch and works for Google.

Off-Page Optimisation

It is not just your website that needs to be SEO-friendly, it is also important to build links (votes) from relevant, local, and trustworthy websites. The more votes you have from these sites, the more Google trusts your site  as being authoritive. In-turn this will rank your site higher in the search results.

Local SEO Content Building

Google loves relevant, high quality content. If you think that a couple of basic pages and a few fiverr links will result in customers flooding to your site, then think again. In order to really take over the competition you will need to provide the best content and the most value.

Google Local 'Map-Pack' Rankings

Google provides local busiesses another opportunity to be found through the map listings that appear at the top of local search results. Hyperweb Solutions has systems and processes to get your business showing in the map pack and have had success in highly competitive industries.

SEO Strategy Session

Meet with me in person or online for an SEO strategy session and find out what is going on with your website. We will also audit the potential value that local SEO can bring to your business, as well as what it will take to get the results.

Book A Local SEO Strategy Session Today!

Find out the current state of your website and what you need to do to make your site work the way it should. I provide strategy sessions where I walk through your site with you and show the exact processes and steps that it will take to get you appearing in Google.
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Answers to Your Questions

What is an SEO expert?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is the process of improving and increasing the amount of qualified, relevant traffic to your website through Google’s search results. An SEO expert is someone who has the skills and knowledge to achieve these results successfully.

Are there different types of SEO?

Yes! The two main types are Local SEO and National SEO. The main difference is the scale of the area served. Google is a complicated beast and each requires different approaches and strategies.

Local SEO also covers Google Maps or GMB rankings, which involves getting your business listing to show in the map pack for local search queries.

There are also other types of SEO that will require a much different approach such as eCommerce. Even YouTube and Amazon are search engines, so of course, you can optimise for those as well.

There is one other type: Fiverr SEO… Avoid this like the plague!!!

How do I know if SEO is right for me?

If you are asking that question, then first of all good on you! It is not something that many people think to ask.

Search Engine Optimisation can be a great option for businesses to generate qualified traffic, however it is not the only option.

We don’t take on anyone and everyone, it is important to know when SEO is a good fit for a business and if we can work together, and when another option may be more worthwhile.

Working through an SEO strategy session or even simply having a chat about your business can help to understand the scope of the project and if SEO is right for you.

SEO vs AdWords, What’s the difference?

SEO optimises what is called your ‘organic rankings’ in Google, you don’t pay to appear here (aside from paying someone to get you ranked) .

AdWords is a paid advertising platform provided by Google allowing among other things, for you to pay to appear at the top of Google.

Ideally, a combination of both of these will benefit you the greatest, however SEO can be a great long-term strategy for your business since you are no longer paying per click to your website.

I tried SEO and it didn’t work. Can you help?

In most cases that I come across, the problem was the team or person who did your SEO previously. It is an easy game to get into, but a very difficult one to master.

Budgets are also a common co-relation to results. As with anything, you get what you pay for. An outsourced $300 per month SEO campaign is not going to get you very far.

If you have tried SEO before or are not currently seeing any results, we will most definitely be happy to help and take a look at why your results aren’t as expected.

How much does SEO cost?

That can be a difficult question to answer sometimes. Just like asking a painter how much it will cost to paint a house, there are many factors that come in to play.

We have some SEO packages for different services, but something important to work through is understanding the value that SEO can bring to a business.

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