Kyle Arnold

My name is Kyle Arnold and I started Hyperweb Solutions in early 2017. My goal is to help other businesses grow and develop through improving their website, appearing in Google’s Search results and driving traffic through social media.

I started after going through the process of setting up a website for my other business. Since I like to learn and enjoy doing things myself, it was natural that I wanted to build the website by myself.

I spent days learning about SEO and managed to rank my business at the number one position in Google which brought me a lot of clients. I really enjoyed the process and continued learning and developing my skills.

After a few friends and family members wanted me to build them websites and help out, I was told multiple times that I should be doing it for a living.

Now here I am with a new business!

What I Enjoy About My Business

I really enjoy the process of SEO. It is a great challenge and very rewarding when the results start to come through. You can really make a difference in someones business by helping them appear in Google.

It is the ultimate challenge because you are constantly trying to keep up with the worlds smartest people at Google, who created a highly complicated algorithm in which they tell you very little about. They are careful to only release very vague hints about updates and changes so that these things can’t be exploited or taken advantage of.

Making websites is a fun experience for me, coming from a music background, it is another outlet for me to be creative while helping others improve their business. I am constantly learning new ways of approaching webdesign. Being in a smaller country like New Zealand, it is often common that we fall behind.

I have seen a lot of websites that are still looking like they were designed in the 90’s and it is great to come in and bring a site into the modern world, and have it ranking in Google.

Social Media is something that most businesses neglect, but it should be a big part of your online presence as a business. I enjoy the constant changes and seeing what new opportunities arise out of social media. Facebook advertising has grown and improved rapidly over the past few years. Those who are just boosting posts are really only getting a small percentage of what is on offer.


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