About Hyperweb Solutions

My name is Kyle Arnold and I started Hyperweb Solutions to help businesses grow and improve peoples online presence. Be it personal, professional or anywhere in-between, I can help.

Before I get into talking all about me and what I can do to help you, I want you to read through the questions below and see if any of those resonate with you and your current situation.


  • Do you have a great business idea?
  • Are you in the process of getting your business set up?
  • Struggling to find clients or work?
  • Have a website that very few people/nobody visits?
  • Do you want to make money online?
  • Need a professional place to show off your work to clients?


I can tell you that I have been in each and every one of those situations in the past, and I would have answered yes to all of the questions above at one time or another. I have managed to find an answer to all of the above questions, and replecate the results for others to help them achieve their own goals.



My story and how I got started


I started my first business almost two years ago after graduating at Auckland University. I was really excited about the idea of becoming a guitar teacher and working for myself. I planed out a strategy to set up lessons, and being a broke University student, I couldn’t afford to pay someone to make me a website. I enjoy learning and part of it might be the Kiwi ingenuity in me, but I figured I would have a go at doing it myself.


It was like taking one step forward and two steps back. I would solve one problem and two more would appear. For anyone who has tried building a website for the first time, I am sure you had a similar experience. This is what helped me to learn, simply getting stuck in and just doing something.




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